Things to Do in Paraty On a Rainy Day

When we think of Paraty, in addition to the Colonial houses, we think about the natural beauty that the city has to offer: beaches, waterfalls and treks! Of course that those attractions are on the top of the list of anyone who visits the city. But if it rains? Are there things to do in Paraty on a rainy day? It actually rains a lot here, specially between November and March. So better to have an option of what to do, just in case. The good news? There are a few options of entertainment on the city for those days. Moreover, the historical center becomes more charming!

things to do in paraty on a rainy day

Things To Do in Paraty on a Rainy Day: Free Walking Tour Paraty

Paraty has a huge historical importance to the history of Brazil. In my opinion the basic requirement to enjoy the most that the city has to offer is to learn about it’s reach history and, by the same time, get the best tips of the city on our  Free Walking Tour Paraty! After the tour your vision of the city will have a totally different meaning!

Our Free Walking Tour Paraty is always on, regardless the weather! Even if it is pouring we will be happy to tell you the charms, curiosities and history of the city. So if it is rainy don’t think twice before walking to Matriz Square and meet us in red t-shirts at 5PM* to the English tour!

* Tour happens every day, except on Wednesdays.

Things To Do in Paraty on a Rainy day

Things To Do in Paraty On a Rainy Day: visit an alambique

For the ones who don’t know, cachaça is the typical Brazilian liquor. Alambique is where we produce it. This is a genuine Bazilian product and it started  when Sugar Cane was cultivated in Brazil. It was common to boil the liquor from the sugar cane to make sugar and sweeten the drinks. But a few times this liquor fermented becoming a liquid called CAGAÇA . To work more enthusiasm and with more energy, a lot of slaves would drink it.

Paraty had a huge Sugar Cane production and a commerce of slaves, cachaça had huge representativeness to its economy. It’s importance was so big, that during a period of time Paraty was synonym of cachaça. Some sources believe that there were more than 200 cachaça alambiques in the city during the peak of the cycle.

There are six main alambiques in Paraty. In all of them it is possible to see the production and latter try the cachaças. The most awarded alambique of the city is  Maria Izabel (booking is mandatory before visiting).  Paratiana is the most famous and it has the best Gabriela  (cachaça of Paraty, made of cinnamon and clove) while the oldest and most traditional is Coqueiro, that has been through 5 different generations. Engenho d’Ouro is part of a complex with a restaurant and a house of  flour. Do you like strong drinks? Corisco is known by its high alcohol rate in the cachaças. Lastly, if we consider the organization of the alambiques,  Pedra Branca is incomparable.

Things To Do in Paraty on a Rainy Day: House Of Culture

Located in one of the most important houses of the Historical Center, the House of Culture is managed by the community of Paraty, with the goal to promote the conservation of the history and culture of the city. The place hosts important events for the tourism and cultural life of the city, as Flip (literary festival of the city). Besides the cultural exhibits, the Cultural Center has important actions to the local community (as English classes and music classes to the children for free)

The entrance is free. The House of Culture is oppened every day from 10AM to 10PM, exept on Mondays.

things to do in paraty on a rainy day

Things To Do in Paraty on a Rainy Day: Sacred Art Museum

If you go to a museum, you will probably see objects that aren’t used anymore. The Museum of Sacred Art in Paraty is different, as part of its collection is used until today to the religious parties of the city. It is located inside the postcard of the city: Santa Rita Church. The inside is well preserved, as the besides the museum, the temple also keeps its religious function.

The collection has important historical-religious relics, found and taken from many other cities of the city. Between them, objects and utilities of silver and gold, saints, old furniture, vintage pieces and many sacred artifacts.

Opened every day, except on Mondays. 9h to 12h and from 14h to 18h

things to do in paraty on a rainy day

Things To Do in Paraty on a Rainy Day: Eat In One Of The Restaurants Of The Historical Center

The Historical Center has a lot of charming restaurants. To resist the temptation of eating in one of the is almost impossible. There are restaurants for all tastes: Italian, French, Thai, Brazilian and of course, a lot of sea food! It doesn’t matter your budget, for sure you will find an option. To decide, nothing better than look at the option on the menu (that are usually are on the door).

And here it goes the tips of the places that I most like. If you want a typical food from Paraty, Galeria do Engenho (located on Lapa street) offers food from Paraty and the most typical dish of the area: banana with fish. If you want something more sophisticated  Banana da Terra is one of the most famous of the city. But if you want a different cosine in Brazil Thai Brasil keeps the recipes 100% as the original from Thailand.

things to do in paraty on a rainy day

Things To Do in Paraty on a Rainy Day: Watch the Puppet Theater

Liked by many people, the story tellers group, known as the puppet show can be a great option for who would like to see something different from the traditional. Even without a word, the theater has huge expressivity. The richness of details gives the impression that the puppets are alive and act on their own. The presentation happen only on Wednesdays and Saturdays and we recommend you to book before.

things to do in paraty on a rainy day

Paraty Hiking: The Best Hiking Trails in The City

Paraty Hiking Treks. Paraty delights people from all over world: intact colonial houses, untouched beaches, stunning islands, forests reserves and waterfalls! That is thanks to its special location, at the middle of “Mata Atlântica” or Atlantic Forest with many environmental protected areas!

Together with this gorgeous scenery, Paraty offers countless options of treks! If you want to have a closer contact to the nature, forget the daily life stress and do physical exercise, there are many options! So check our selection of  treks of the area. From  easy to challenging treks, have a look on our 4 favorite treks in Paraty!

Tip: there are a lot of mosquitos in Paraty, so don’t forget your mosquitoes repelent.

1. Paraty Hiking Trails: Cachadaço Natural Swimming Pool

First of all, Cachadaço is a natural swimming pool of volcanic rocks in Trindade Village. The depth of the pool isn’t more than 1 meter in most of the places and the water is super calm and clean. It’s possible to swim with the colorful fishes that inhabit the place. Take a snorkel to enjoy the most of the experience!

Trilhas Paraty - Piscina do Cachadaço

From Paraty to Trindade: You can access by public transportation (bus). The bus leaves from Paraty main bus terminal and costs R$5,00. Check the times here. If you are driving, take the highway Rio-Santos heading to São Paulo. Trindade is approximately 24km of the Historical Center.

To access the swimming pool through the treks, there are 2 parts: the first is a pleasant walk to Praia do Meio (or middle beach) and the second harder (but still easy) walk to the swimming pool. There is a demarcation on the trek, so it is possible to do without a guide. There are approximately 300m from Praia do Meio to Cachadaço, few climbs, and also a handrail demarks the hiking trek.

Tip: there isn’t a sand area in Cachadaço swimming pool to leave your belongs. Usually people let them on the rocks, which usually get wet. So I recommend you to take only what is really necessary.

Difficulty: Easy

Hiking Time: About 30min.

2. Paraty Hiking Trails: Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos Beach

It’s an indescribable feeling to get to an unchanged beach after a hike at the middle of the jungle.

Sono beach only hosts a small fishing village. This paradise has white sand and crystal water. You can access beach hiking or by boat: both leave from Laranjeiras village.


To get to Laranjeiras, it is also possible to take a bus from Paraty main bus terminal. The timetable is available here. Get off at the final bus stop to find the entrance of the trek.

The hiking to Praia do Sono has about 1km and, if you do it at a slow pace, takes about 1 hour and 30minutes. The access is kind of easy, however a heavy backpack can make it much harder. The trek starts with a climb (what gives the fake impression that the effort is much harder than it actually is). But don’t be discouraged, after approximately 25 minutes climbing, the walk becomes easier and pleasant, with parts of climbing and parts of decrease.

If you are not tired of the trek to Praia do Sono, it’s possible keep going to the beach of Antigos. This trek starts with an uncovered climb, so there aren’t shades.  At least the climb is fast (around 15min).  After a hard begging (again!), a lot of trees cover the trek and it starts to decline.

Antigos is an amazing isolated beach without constructions by the beach.  The area is 100% nature surrounded. This was listed as one of the best Brazilian beaches.

Do you still want to see one more amazing place? Take one more 5min trek to Antiguinhos, one more untouched beach.

The total time to hike from Sono beach to Antiguinhos is about 30 minutes.

Difficulty: Moderate

Total Hiking Time: About 2 hours

3. Paraty Hiking Trails: Gold Trail

The Gold Trail is a highway built by slaves that used to connect Paraty to the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil (this is a countryside state from where the gold came from). In a revitalization process 5km of the old highway was rebuilt. You will see the Atlantic Forest during all the walk.


On the way you will see waterfalls (among them the famous slide waterfall), atelies, alambiques (place where we produce cachaça) and a lot more. The visitation requires a Brazilian licensed guide,  as the trail goes through private properties.

The trail starts at the Information Center of the Gold Trail, accessible by bus (line Penha, of Colitur: see the bus timetable here).

For the ones who are driving, the trail is at Paraty – Cunha Highway (km 11). There is always a guide available at the entrance of the trail (from 11:30AM on)

Difficulty: Moderate

Hiking Time: 1h30min

4. Paraty Hiking Trails: Pão de Açúcar (sugarloaf) of Mamamguá

For the ones who didn’t know: there is also a hill called Sugarloaf in Paraty! Haha! The location of peak is in Cruzeiro Beach, in Saco do Mamamguá (read about Saco do Mamamguá on our blog post about Paraty Beaches).

The climb to the top is steep (approximately 440m), so get ready and take a lot of water. The trek is easy to follow and chances of getting lost is almost null. And the effort is worth when you get to the top and admire the landscape from the top. The way down is easier, as it goes downhill, but make sure you save at least 1 hour.


How to get there? There isn’t any car o public transportation that goes to Cruzeiro Beach, as there are a lot of forest around the beach. The closest beach accessible by public transportation is Paraty Mirim (see again the timetable of Paraty buses). Once you get in Paraty Mirim, it’s easy to rent a boat to take you to Cruzeiro Beach (from R$100,00 to R$120,00 per boat).

Difficulty: Moderate

Hiking Time: 2h

P.S.: If you like adventures, instead of taking a boat, it’s possible to hike to Curupira Beach (from 5h to 8h hiking) and from there take a boat to Cruzeiro Beach (approximately 20 minutes)

Besides the nature, do you want to discover the history of this incredible colonial city? Join our Free Walking Tour Paraty


Paraty Beaches: Information And Tips You Must Know

Besides the Historical district, Paraty is also visited because of its paradisiacal beaches and boat tours. On this post we will tell you about Paraty beaches you should visit

Many people go to Paraty by bus, so I’m gonna also suggest some beaches that, apart from car, you go by public transport or walking! But remember, in most of the cases, the easiest to reach isn’t the unforgettable one!

There it goes:


Paraty Beaches: walking distance from the historical center

If you are staying near the historical center and you want to go the beach walking, follow the 2 recommendations:

1) Pontal: Despite it’s considered not good for swimming… (good beginning, right!? Haha) you will find some people doing stand up paddle and kaik! (and praying to not fall into the water! ;D No… just a joke!) By the way, there are always people swimming! From Matriz Square, where it starts our Paraty Free Walking Tour, it’s only 10 minutes walking. It’s surrounded by Bed and Breakfasts, and there are nice kiosks in case you get hungry or thirst. The water is calm and the beach can be crowded, probably because it’s easy to arrive. A nice tip for you is to ask locals if there will be a special event later, like concerts, or beach party… Personally I recommend this beach just to drink a coconut water and feel the vibe you’re on holidays in the beach!


2) Jabaquara: Jabaquara beach is a little bit further than Pontal beach, but only 25-30 minutes walking from the Historical city center. There are signs indicating the directions, and when you get there you will have a nice view of the mountains. There are also some nice options of kiosks to eat and drink! It’s possible to have a sit on the beach and order a snack, a caipirinha, Jorge Amado drink…


Paraty Beaches: accessible by trek

If take a bus / do a hike is not a problem, some other options:

1) Praia do sono: To get to this one, there are 2 options: hiking or boat. Well, I’m not a big fan of boats, so I did the hiking, but I asked the price, just to know how much it would be for a ride to go back. He said R$30,00, but I was by myself. If you have friends with you, for sure it will be cheaper. And if you arrange go and return the price can be even better.

If you prefer to hike, this is the way: take a bus in the bus station, about R$4,00, to Laranjeiras. This is the final destination and the bus goes every 30 min or 1 hour… it takes about 30-40 min… the bus stop is just in front of where the hike starts!

The hike took me 60min but I did it enjoying and slowly. Ok, the first 10 minutes I was about to give up! Haha! It was a slope! Don’t give up! It’s absolutely worth!   The beach is calm and there aren’t many options for food… but is super beautiful! Blue water and white sand. If you go early, you can visit the waterfalls nearby. It’s a calm and relaxing place!


2) Ponta Negra:  I will recommend something that I’ve never done, based on friends opinion… they had such a bright in the eyes talking about this place! The access is not easy, only boat or hike. If you prefer the boat, you can take in Trindade or Praia do Sono. If you want to do the hike, get ready for exercising a couple of hours! First you have to hike to get to Praia do Sono after there, you keep doing the hike and you will be in Antigos, then Antiguinhos…. After many hours we will finally arrive! This beach is nearby a fisherman village, it has got clean and  calm water and it’s empty!!


Paraty Beaches: accessible by bus/ car

1) Trindade: It’s easier to get by car, but don’t worry in case you don’t have one, by bus is also ok. In Trindade Village there are many restaurants, shops and B&Bs. The village is great and there’re beaches to visit!  Some beaches we recommend you to visit are: Piscina Natural do Cachadaço / Praia do Cachadaço, Do Meio, Praia Brava, Do Rancho (or De Fora). Some of them you can only go by boat or hike! Save one full day to visit Trindade.


2) Saco do Mamanguá: For sure this one is my favorite!! It’s awesome!! Some people describe it as the ‘’Tropical Fiordes’’! There are mountains on both sides and blue water in between! When I went we wen’t by car to Paraty Mirim (but you can also take a bus). Then we took a boat and finally had the amazing view of the mountains and water! From there we could see the ‘’Pão de Açúcar’’ mountain… another nice place to hike, but for this one it’s better to be on shape to try! I think I liked the Saco do Mamanguá especially because it was different from any other view I ever had!


And remember: many beaches can be visited only by boat, so if you have time after the paraty free walking tour in the historical center, you should consider a boat tour!

See here the timetable of the buses in Paraty

Jabaquara Beach Paraty – Places In Paraty

A lot of people ask in our  Paraty Free Walking Tour about Jabaquara Beach Paraty. Jabaquara is a really nice neighborhood, with a clean beach that is located close to the historical center! At the beginning of Jabaquara there is a river that meets the see, what makes the water a little bit dark!

There aren’t waves on the beach, so it is possible to rent a kayak or a stand up paddle! Also, there is an island just in front of the beach and, if you a brave enough, it’s possible to go all the way to the island by kayak! It’s lovely and it doesn’t take that long – around 30 min rowing.jabaquara beach paraty

On the beach there are many kiosks, where you can easily find meals, snacks and drinks! Including the traditional caipirinha or the most typical drink of Paraty: Jorge Amado… I mean, there is good infra structure and you’ll probably find everything you need. Besides that, if you like cycling, there is a bicycle path in front of all the beach!

Jabaquara Beach Paraty is usually busy. Maybe because it has an easy access and it’s located just beside the historical center, the main attraction of Paraty. Jabaquara beach it’s 20min walking to the historical center and only 3 min by car. For the ones who prefer the quiet and “rustic” beaches, we recommend Praia do Sonho or Ponta Negra (read more about those beaches in our blog post about Paraty beaches)

If you are not staying in Jabaquara but want to visit the neighborhood, save some minutes to visit Forte Defensor do Perpétuo on the way. The fort is located between the historical center and Jabaquara and it was built to be one of the military defenses of the city. There is a museum there, but unfortunately, as far as we know, it’s closed for some kind of maintenance, but even though it’s worth going. But why is it worth seeing? There is a VERY NICE view from the top, old canons… and it free!

Jabaquara Beach Paraty: Pousadas and Hostels

There are a lot of options of pousadas in Jabaquara. We selected a few, where our tourists stayed and enjoyed!

Elicolonial Pousada: located at the end of Jabaquara beach!  Elicolonia is a really charming pousada and chalet in Paraty!

Pousada Chalé Suíço: this couldn’t be on better location: just in front of the beach! Initially, the pousada Chalé Suíço was the house of a family, that was so receptive that decided to start to receive guests!

Pousada Flor da Terra: a really familiar and cozy envirioment! The team is really kind and the rooms really comfortable!

Pousada Maré Mansa:  a clean pousada with an excellent service! This is a new pousada, so the towels, sheets, beds.. Everything is pretty new!

Hostel Canguru: If you want to stay in a hostel, this is a great option in Jabaquara! There is a cozy, equipped bar where there are concerts! Haha


Paraty city tour is a commercial name for the tour in the historical center. This is my favorite tour in this lovely city! Of course there are many other great attractions, but to walk among the historical houses, to wander through narrow streets paved with little stones, to see the churches, the poets promoting their poems, and to observe the people walking by, make us think about how was the life years ago!

paraty city tour

If you have only 1 day or only a couple of hours, it’s to this area where you should dedicate your attention! There are some options to take the most of this experience, of course, the one we recommend is the Free Walking Tour, or Paraty City Tour. The tour is offered in English at 17:00 and in Portuguese at 10:30.

The free walking tour works like this: you do the tour, the guides make their best and in the end, if you like and if you think it is worth, you are free to contribute with as much as you want! Do I need to say the guides work really hard to make you love the tour and of course their job?! Because of this, normally it’s a high quality tour! All over the world!

Besides the information about the tour, you can get the best tips about what to do with your time in Paraty, what to eat or drink, meet people from everywhere, make a new friend or just a company for a coffee later on! Well, for a coffee or for a Jorge Amado… (Jorge Amado is the local drink that you must try!)

Of course you can walk in the historical center by yourself, but this area is the great attraction of Paraty, most of the people go to Paraty because of that, so all the history, the datails, the funny facts, the curiosities it what make the difference! Definitely you should take a city tour!

I used to guide for a while in Paraty and it was very common people say: Uau! I’ve been here yesterday all the day and during your tour today me and my wife saw really great things that we just didn’t notice by ourselves!’ Or: AAhh! Sure! So that’s why there are so many churches here!’ – ‘Ah, so all this details in the houses make sense now!’ – ‘I would never guess all this things are because of the Masonic society!’and so on! Hehe!


What I’m trying to say is, you’re gonna love Paraty with or without a city tour, but the ‘’unforgetable’’ you get with information!

Main attractions of Paraty City Tour

* Matriz Square and Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church

* Nossa Senhora das Dores Church

* The Princetown House

* Casa da Cultura

* The houses with maconic facade

* Nossa Senhora do Rosário e São Benedito church

* Largo de Santa Rita and Santa Rita church

* Fire street


If you want to visit this places with our free walking tour, what you need to know is:

Portuguese tour: 10:30

English tour: 17:00

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting point: Matriz Square –  find us in red t-shirts!

We offer tours sun or rainy! Join us!