Paraty, a city full of history!

It’s impossible to ignore the history of Paraty! Our Paraty Free Walking Tour will show you all the secrets and hidden gems of the charming historical center and you will fell like going back 250 years in time!

Among other things, you will see Paraty old jailParaty City CouncilParaty old market and the 4 churches built in the center!

Your walker will share with you stories of the city, tell the fun and historical facts unknown by most of the people, and let you in on many local tips, that will make you enjoy the best of Paraty. We are always willing to answer all the questions you have about the city.

Paraty Free Walking Tour is on everyday (except on Wednesdays) at 17:00 in English and 10:30 in Portuguese at Matriz Square (Paraty main square)

How can we offer a Free Walking Tour?

As the tour leaders of Paraty Free City Tour work only for tips, they do their best to give entertaining, fun and unforgettable tours to everyone. We are sure that when you decide if, and how much you are going to contribute at the end of the tour, the standard of quality increases! We will also give you many tips of what to do, where to go and how to save money in Paraty.