What to do in Rio de Janeiro in 3 Days

Rio de Janeiro is a city where you would easily spend weeks discovering it, and finding new attractions every day. But if you’re short on time, don’t worry! In just few days it’s possible to explore the touristic sights and some hidden gems of the Marvellous City. We prepared a 3 days itinerary, following it […]

Free Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the Marvellous City, gets each visitors head spinning on all the opportunities of what to do in the city. But sometimes the big touristic attractions tend to be expensive to visit, and you might end up thinking if they’re worth it or not. But Rio is a perfect city for the ones […]

Curiosities Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, or the ” Marvellous City” is one of the most diverse cities of the world! Influenced by the Portuguese colonialists, native indigenous and African slaves it’s a city of rich history. You can probably imagine, that Rio is a place full of interesting facts as well. Read here about the most fascinating Curiosities Rio de Janeiro! Rio the Capital […]

Nightlife in Rio de Janeiro

Nightlife in Rio generally is very casual. Many cariocas go out in Havaianas and shorts. So mostly, there is no need to dress up too much. The most well known party neighborhood is Lapa, which gets packed of outgoers on weekends. Night in Rio can be very diverse, so you only need to think of […]

Rio de Janeiro History

One of the most diverse cities of the world, Rio de Janeiro has a rich history. Did you know it was the capital of Brazil for almost 200 years? Or that the Portuguese Royal family moved to Rio 1808 making it the first European capital outside of Europe? Read here about Rio de Janeiro History, […]