Carnival Rio de Janeiro 2018

People are already asking us on ours Free Walking Tour Rio de Janeiro about Carnival. Rio’s Carnival is the biggest carnival of the planet, and also one of the craziest parties you will ever experience! The official carnival lasts for less than one week, but the preparations start already months before the real event! Street parties, colourful costumes, samba schools presenting and millions of […]

Lapa Arches Rio de Janeiro

Maybe you have already heard of a neighbourhood called Lapa? If not, well you should have! Lapa is the most bohemian area of Rio. That’s where you will find the nightlife, restaurants and good options to accommodate while visiting Rio. It’s very easy to know when you have arrived to Lapa. There’s a famous landmark, which […]

Docks Area Rio de Janeiro

Imagine a small area where is located and old slave ship port, the birthplace of samba, a futuristic museum, worlds biggest graffiti and a picturesque shore promenade! Welcome to Docks Area Rio de Janeiro! This part of Rio still today is unknown, especially between tourists, that’s why we want to show you all the amazing secrets this place […]

Escadaria Selarón

It’s not by chance that we chose to visit this place on our Free Walking tour Rio de Janeiro of Downtown and Lapa. The world most beautiful staircase! One of the most important touristic sites of Rio de Janeiro is this colorful piece of art called Escadaria Selarón. In English it translates as the Selarón stairs. Located […]

Things To Do In Rio When It Rains

If the rain wasn’t in your plans when you dreamed about your trip to Rio de Janeiro, don’t worry, there are so many things to do and see in Rio, here we listed 10 activities to help you to take the best out of your time in Rio, and tell you things to do in […]